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Believe in Miracles

10/29/2015 10:35:09 AM


The news from Israel has been very troubling. President Abbas of the Palestinians has blood on his hands for inciting bloodshed. Ever since he made the outrageous and vicious statement that the Jews desecrated the Temple Mount with their dirty feet, Arab teens and adults have been venting their hatred against their Jewish neighbors, inflicting pain and death on Israel's citizens. There have even been videos circulated on how to stab Jews, portraying what areas of the body to cut!  Violence has never been and never will be a solution. Yet, here we go again.

Sara Yoheved Rigler is a popular author and international lecturer on Jewish spirituality. In an article she paints the frustration of our Jewish families in Israel through the words of Tovi Harari, who said: "As you can see, we are in a state of fear, fear to send our children to school. I haven't sent my daughter to school for three days already. The situation can't continue like this. There has to be some sort of solution. The prime minister must wake up, and understand we can't continue like this. They stab in the streets, and we have no security. You can't walk around the streets. I don't remember there ever being something like this."

Ms. Rigler explains that this wave of terror is different in that diverse individuals are committing these atrocities with knives.  In fact, you had one of the killers, who was a telephone employee, an Israeli Arab citizen! In her article, she talks about how there seems to be no sane solution, either militarily or politically!

She instead tells us that there is a solution. She reminds us of the Jewishness of the first two teachings of the 12-step program:

We admitted that we were powerless over _________________, that our lives had become unmanageable.  

We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 

This is what happened to our people in Egypt, while in slavery. When the old Pharaoh died, we thought that perhaps we would have some respite with the new leader. We did not. So, we cried out to our G-d! We admitted how powerless we were, and Hashem brought the solution.  

Ms. Rigler concludes her article with these poignant thoughts: 

"As I sit here in my home in Jerusalem’s Old City, hearing sirens of police and ambulances rushing to yet another scene of terrorism, of Jewish blood spilled by those who believe that killing a Jew is their ticket to Paradise, I could easily fall into despair. Instead, I will cry out to G-d to redeem us. I know that G-d can send a solution in ways that we humans can’t even dream of.   

As David Ben Gurion, Israel’s crusty first Prime Minister, declared:  "In Israel, if you don’t believe in miracles, you’re not a realist."

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782