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January Message

04/05/2012 12:00:51 AM



At the time of this writing, we have experienced successful K.I.S.S. and also a Religious School Friday evening Shabbat Dinner. Many thanks to Sarah Jo Shaw for reinforcing the prayers with our children and coordinating the services. Toda Rabba to all of our parents who helped implement a lovely Shabbat Dinner.
We also had a joint session with Temple Achduth Vesholom Religious School. Our children and parents enjoyed themselves at the Maccabiah games. (You will see pictures later in our bulletin.)
We had a great time at Janet Finkel’s home with the Q and A session. It’s amazing what great questions are asked and what very interesting areas we explore! Thank you Jan for your hospitality.
The Chanukah party that was held on December 25th was so successful and enjoyable because of the efforts of many people. Our thanks to: Annie Appel and Mary Wilger for making the cookies; Janet Finkel, Paula Adams, Sheryl Merritt, and Mike Adams for making the latkes; Arlene Leib and Dana Zemmol for helping in the kitchen; and Iris Fuchs, Deb Tepfer, Sheryl Merritt, Janet Finkel, Paula Adams, and Arlene Leib for cleaning up and putting the synagogue back in order. A very special thank you to Zack Zemmol for setting up tables and collecting money. Great work, Zack!
We have a change that is now being followed in the kitchen. In honor of Shabbat, the dishes and utensils are not being washed on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. They are left to soak and then washed after the Shabbat. This adds to Oneg Shabbat, to the enjoyment of Shabbat, allowing our members the opportunity to relax, schmooze and enjoy each other’s company. This also adds to Shmirat Shabbat, the keeping of the Sabbath.
Whether at our synagogue or at home, the only time we can clean our dishes and utensils is when we need to use them again on Shabbat. This is not the case if we are cleaning them to put away for use after Shabbat, e.g. for Sunday, the rest of the week, or for the next Shabbat.
For a while this was not able to be done, because we did not have volunteers who were able to come back on Saturday evening after Shabbat or Sunday to wash the dishes and utensils. We now have volunteers who will do so, but we are always happy to have more. If you would like to help, please let our office know this. Toda Rabba!
There has also been a request that we try to learn Hebrew words that will make our prayer experience deeper. If we learned one new Hebrew word a week, then we would have 52 words, each year. This is certainly doable. With the idea that one Hebrew word opens up (with its Shoresh or root) more, that 52 can at the very least be doubled.
גדל Godel
כי שם אקרא הבו Havu Ekra Shem Key Give I shall call name when
These are the key words (besides G-d’s names) in the verse introducing the Afternoon and Musaf Devotion (Amida). This verse from Deuteronomy 32:3 says: When I shall call on the Name of G-d, [you] give greatness to our G-d.
Our sages learned from here that there are times when we should respond to others’ praise of Hashem, e.g. Invitation to the Birkat Hamazon (Grace after meals), to the Barchu, to Kaddish, and Baruch Hu Uvaruch Shmo (Blessed is He and blessed is His name.
Amazing! All these from one sentence of Torah! Looking forward to seeing you in shul. B’shalom,
Mon, June 21 2021 11 Tammuz 5781