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April Message

04/04/2012 09:22:35 PM


April Message

Dear B'nai Jacob Family,

Isn't this a nice picture?  Do you recognize who is in it?  In case you don't know who the individuals are, let me introduce them to you.  On the left is Rabbi Seymour Weller, and next to him is Maurice (Mooch) Lewis studying for his Bar Mitzvah.  The year was 1973.

I took this picture of a photo while visiting with Jeanette Lewis.  I had not seen many photos of B'nai Jacob's past years, and I think you would join me in being very interested in viewing them and learning more of our history.  Thank You, Jeanette, for allowing me to publish this picture.

Rabbi Abraham Geiger was a rabbi and scholar who was a leader in founding Reform Judaism.  A concept he taught is so apropos:  "Draw from the past, live in the present, work for the future!"

We are entering into our centennial year, which we will be celebrating this fall and throughout the coming year.  I know that the Centennial Committee is developing and working on the plans for a very nice celebration, and I thank Mike Adams and his committee for their work.  Additionally, there are plans for a year of celebration with activities you will enjoy.

I have always loved to learn the history of our people.  In the same way, I hope you will join me in learning the history of our congregation. We are looking forward to the work Leah Tourkow (our historian) is doing in compling and writing this.

Perhaps you can help us.  If you have pictures that we can reproduce, or other documents, such as the booklets that were done in previous years for momentous occasions in our synagogue, please let us know.

It believed it would be wonderful to share some of these pictures in our bulletin in the months ahead.  I am certain that our newer families will want to hear of our past, even as we plan for the future.  Perhaps you know the names and addresses of some of our alumni who have moved from this area.  If you let us know their names and addresses, we would love to contact them about our upcoming celebration.

Penny and I wish you a Chag Kasher V'sameach, a very joyous Passover.  As we think of our history, let us re-experience with our family and friends the wonderful lessons of Pesach.  Let us retell the miracle G-d redeemed us from Egyption bondage and chose us as an Am Segula, a treasured, special people.  Let us rejoice on this festival with our families and friends, even as we await the time of the Passover to come, when all will be free and peace will finally come to all.




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