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Special Message from Rabbi Kornspan

05/25/2017 03:46:29 PM


I want to share with you some excerpts from my report at our recent Annual meeting on May 21, 2017. This begins a transition for the congregation and for me.

Today’s report is bittersweet. I always wondered about the name of the drive we are on - Bittersweet Moors. It is significant to me, reflecting both happiness and sadness.

I have been happy to be your Rabbi for over 12 years, even as I have been to be a congregational Rabbi for 45 years. In our congregation, we have davened together, learned together, celebrated together and bore tragic and sad times together. I have taught classes as well as individuals. I have also given instruction and encouragement to you, who have become Jews by choice. I have worked arduously through the years to interest individuals and families to become part of our congregation. It has been my honor and privilege to be your Rabbi.

In February I reached the age of 70. I reflect and wonder where all the years have transpired. For those of you who haven’t experienced this as of yet, you will find that you don’t think of yourself as this age, but physical challenges remind you that you aren’t in your 20’s anymore, nor are you in your 30’s anymore, nor 40’s, nor 50’s nor even 60’s.

I am now transitioning to becoming semi-retired. I appreciate very much that the Board and congregation are so understanding, and that I will be able to be your Rabbi, on a part-time basis for the next 2 ½ years. [Tami has my schedule. She also is placing in blue on our calendar when I will be officiating at services and be available for classes, meetings, and appointments.]

I want to thank Mark Schneider for being President. I will always be grateful that when there was a vacancy in the Presidency, Mark stepped forward.  Each of you who have served as President deserve special praise, as does anyone who steps forward to become President, and anyone who becomes an officer or active member of the Board. 

I thank all the members of our Board of Directors, our committees,  and all who behind the scenes dedicate hours to the congregation and tzedakah to our shul. I thank our Sisterhood President, Ruth Minkoff, and our former Sisterhood President, Kathy Jarvis. And, I thank all of you who make sure that we have a minyan that is constant for Shabbat, Yahrzeits and holidays.  Additionally, I want to thank all of you who donate kiddushim and all of  you who work to prepare and serve our kiddushim. Each and every one of you who serve are the heart of this synagogue. Please know that I appreciate you very much.

Additionally, I wish to thank Tami Hoffman for running our office with such efficiency, and Susie Miller who does such an outstanding job in proofing our newsletters and other publications.

My report was much longer as I reminded everyone about the Simchas, the sad occasions we experienced, as well as all the activities we held.

Penny and I wish you a Chag Sameach, as we look forward to celebrating Shavuot

I am closing with:

Kol Tuv (May you experience all the good in life)…. Amen.

Rabbi Mitchell Kornspan


Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782