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Helping Israel

03/06/2017 10:23:25 AM


You are receiving this newsletter just shortly before Purim and a little over a month before Pesach. Both celebrations have inbuilt the mitzvah of Tzedakah. On Purim, we give matanot l’evyonim (gifts to the poor) and for Pesach we collect Maot Hittim (Money for Grain) to help needy Jews obtain provisions for Passover.  Beyond the holidays, I am sure that you already know how important Tzedakah is!

Below you see a portion of pictures I received for the project we have been supporting. This is in addition to any tzedakah raised to go to the synagogue, Jewish Federation, and other worthy causes.

I am grateful to Mike and Paula Adams who made us aware of this project, which they have been supporting. Here is an excerpt of a letter sent to me from Yonatan Boofty of Arutz 7, who has been our contact.

Dear Rav Menachem,

Thank you for once again lending your support and the support of your community for the undertaking for the Ethiopian Jewish community here in Yaffo, a project that we have adopted in order to insure the educational needs of the youngsters in kindergarten and junior school, together with the desire to provide the necessary basic education for the immigrant adults, that they will be better equipped with skills to offer to the job marketplace.

Our long standing friends, members of your community, Paula and Mike Adams, who were among the original supporter base here at Arutz Sheva, and do so much for us, were part of the founders of this National Ethiopian Project, as supporters of our partners Aviv HaTorah, who administer the whole effort so successfully.

The unique character of our Ethiopian Jews here, require a tailor made set of traditional Zionist educational standards and approach, particularly among the very young, and as a result a set of kindergartens, privately funded, are in operation, to provide exactly this, have been opened in the Yaffo South Tel Aviv area, in the very heart of the Ethiopian population.

In our opinion, the results have been quite outstanding, and enable these young ones to enter junior schools without any educational handicap, or social disorders to speak of.

In addition, in order to enable the adults to reach gainful employment, basic education is administered to the adults, Ivrit, grammar, math, Jewish studies and history, so that they may enroll in government no cost retraining courses. These include, bus driving, electricians and plumbers and alike; many are now gainfully employed in these trades that they can support their families with dignity without having to rely on endless handouts.

This is a people anxious to make a contribution as Israelis, to be financially independent as much as possible, and Aviv HaTorah is giving them the tools to attain these noble goals.

Again Rav Menachem, thank you for taking this project under your wing, and for all that you are doing for              Am Yisrael.

Yonatan Boofty
Arutz 7

I am sharing this with you, as I hope you will want to make a contribution to help our Ethiopian brothers and sisters. 

When I was speaking with Mike about the Arutz 7 projects, he mentioned a new program that he and Paula are supporting.  When officers of the IDF are given a time for study leave, they can go to a Yeshiva to learn. They then return to the IDF , benefiting themselves, their unit and Israel. One of these Yeshivot is the Reuta Yeshiva in Carmel.

This is another great Tzedakah to support!

If you would like to help these causes, please earmark a check to the Discretionary Fund with either “Ethiopian Jewry” or “IDF Soldiers”.

Whenever we do a mitzvah, let us hope that we can all “tizku l’mitzvot” be blessed with meriting the opportunity to do even more mitzvot!

Penny and I wish you a Chag Purim Sameach!


Rabbi Kornspan

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782