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August Congregational Donations

07/31/2012 08:07:15 PM


David Siegel Memorial Fund In memory of Lewis Siegel Bee Siegel   In memory of Bee Siegel's Brother, Joe Bialick Harriet Wechter General Fund In memory of Irving E. Appel Dan and Annie Appel Kiddush Fund In memory of of Abraham Brateman Adrienne and Adolph Brateman   In honor of Great...Read more...

Following the storm...

07/31/2012 08:04:12 PM


HATS OFF!! to the team that went immediately to work following the recent severe wind storm.  

Lazette Selan and Bob Serdinak delivered the supplies for Mark Cole to patch the roof.

Mort Schaffer, Marc Nusholtz, and Mark Cole sawed the huge branches and cleared them.

Iris Fuchs and Laura and Bob Long and family helped clear the storm's debris from our property.



Eshet Chayil

07/31/2012 08:01:57 PM


During the recent blackout Estelle Greenburg visited a number of people to ensure their safety, including me.  She took me to the only open restaurant so that I could have a cooked meal instead of raw PB&J again.  She offered to have me sleep at her house when she was the first to get power.  Thank you, Estelle!  -- Niesie Shulkin


Rooney Lewis

07/31/2012 08:00:30 PM


was born 15 May 2012 in Chicago to parents Michael Joshua and Sarah Lewis.  Grandparents are Michael and Lita Lewis.  Great Grandmother is Jeanette Lewis.  Mazel Tov to all!

Many Thanks...

07/31/2012 07:58:23 PM


to the following people who provided / prepared delicious kiddush luncheons in June and July:  Ruth Minkoff and Mort Schaffer; Nina and Virgil Mocle; Mary Wilger and Marc Nuscholtz; Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kornspan; Iris and Yuval Fuchs.



From Bee Siegel

07/31/2012 07:57:03 PM


To my B'nai Jacob Family,

I truly appreciate all the condolences, sympathy, hugs, and kind deeds for me on the recent loss of my brother.  Thank you all very much.

With love,

Bee Siegel

Mazel Tov!

07/31/2012 07:50:41 PM


...Irene and Bob Walters on receiving the Bill Latz Award for extraordinary service to the United Way of Allen County.  ...Dr. Ben Tourkow, son of Josh and Donna Tourkow, on graduating from a fellowship in abdominal radiology at University of Michigan and accepting a position with Summit Radiology in Hawaii.  ...Miya Farber on graduating from the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Miya will be at Simmons...Read more...

June / July Congregational Donations

05/31/2012 11:29:57 AM


General Fund In celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary Sam and Kathy Stoller Kiddush Fund In memory of Grandma Rose K. Weigler Adolph and Adrienne Brateman   In honor of all who celebrated birthdays - "Happy Birthday!" Ovadya   In honor of all who celebrated wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah anniversaries -...Read more...

Shabbat wine

05/31/2012 11:26:34 AM


For replenishing our supply of Shabbat wine, we thank Melissa Barile and Bob and Laura Long.  We are also grateful for the donations made by Jane Markin and Mark and Donna Cole.  Until further notice, our cups and cabinets are full.

Dr. Ron Friedman

05/31/2012 11:24:19 AM


Congregation B'nai Jacob gratefully acknowledges Dr. Ron Friedman for his competent and dedicated service as President of the Congregation between 2008 and 2012.

Lag Ba'Omer Picnic

05/31/2012 11:21:59 AM


We express appreciation to Janet Finkel, Iris Fuchs, Nina Mocle, Marc Spanjer, and Jay Zemmol for helping in the kitchen during the Lag Ba'Omer picnic, and to Virgil Mocle and Keith Groman for monitoring the bonfire.  An additional shout out to Keith who prepared the bonfire beforehand and made it a special work of art.

Book Sale

05/31/2012 11:20:35 AM


Thank you to Sheryl Merritt, Donna Tourkow, Iris and Yuval Fuchs, and Missy and Mark Schneider for helping with the Book Fair Fundraiser.

Bookshelf & Rabbi's Office Door repairs

04/27/2012 04:28:59 PM


We also express our appreciation to Keith Groman for installing a bookshelf in the office and for repairing Rabbi's office door.

Passover Kiddushim

04/27/2012 04:27:52 PM



to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Penny for sponsoring Kiddushim for the Passover holiday, and to Rebbetzin for preparing them. Also, to Pam Friedman and Penny for preparing the last day of Pesach's Kiddush, and to Nina Mocle and Iris Fuchs for preparing Kiddush on April 21st and April 28th, respectively.  Read more...

May Congregation Donations

04/27/2012 04:19:05 PM


Donations received for May include... General Fund In honor of Leah Tourkow and her presentation at the 2012 Spring Meeting Indiana Jewish Historical Society Kiddush Fund In loving memory of Father, Samuel Brateman Adrienne and Adolph Brateman   In loving memory of Father, Samuel Zaslawsky Adrienne and Adolph...Read more...

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